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The Daily Gem- encouragement from the Holy Bible by Don Giddens' Evangelistic Ministries


The Christians' Daily Gem*


Don Giddens, 1002 Branch Street, Greenville, Texas 75401  Encouraging one another through the Holy Bible and Prayer.

Are you blue? Need guidance? Need financial wisdom? Suicidal? Angry? Bitter?

Free Help from God's Word for you today


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*The Christian's Daily Gem is Baptist. We believe in the Priesthood of the Believer. Eternal Security of the Believer.

Autonomy of the Local Church. We believe Jesus is GOD.

We are not connected in anyway with the Mormon "Daily Gem" which exalts Joseph Smith.

Daily Gems from Don Giddens Archives

Daily Gem- from Don Giddens' e-Ministries

Don Giddens ministering to the children at Ticaboo, UT ca 2000.