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I attended Garland Bible College

August 21, 2007

We would love to hear from those who attended GBC and their good memories of  teachers, etc.

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Don Giddens of Greenville, Texas said...

E_mail Don Giddens to update your profile or that of anyone you know. mailto:donandminnie@peoplepc.com?subject=Don Giddens 903-455-8760 Becky Andrews, formerly of Garland, TX, Ed Anthony formerly of El Paso, Darwin Bacon of Garland, Hubert Baker of Hopewell, VA; Margaret Baker of Garland; Linda Bankston of Dallas; Dean and Gladys Beaty of Brookfield, IL; Juanita and Loren Blakely of Irving; Dewayne Bolin of OK; Kathleen (Bourland) Toole of Greenville, TX; Dr. Gordon Bourland of Garland; June Bunn of Mesquite; Ralph Carl of Obid, NY; Tena Carroll of Athens, TX; Ned Chipley of Dallas; Dr. Gary Coleman of Garland; John Collier, Pastor of Waco, TX; Cynthia Cook of Garland; Jerrie Cook of Garland; Anita Curtis of Dallas; Dr. James Cook of Garland; Dr. George Dollar of Garland; Dr. Tom Landers and family; Dr. Lee Miles of Ringgold, GA; Dr. Clifford Oden, deceased, of Waco, Texas; 1916-1996; Jimmy Dunn of Garland; Robert Finklea II of Garland; Dr. James Forde of Garland; Dr. Peter Foxx, Ph. D. BJU Columbus, Ohio; Richard Freisner of Dallas; Doris Fulkers of Garland; Don Giddens of Greenville, TX; web site; Ike Gilmore of FW; Martha (formerly Giddens) Gladden of Slidell, TX; John Guthrie of Indianapolis; Nick Hantes of Mesquite; Bob Johnson of Garland; Dr. DaveJohnson, Ph D, FL; Ronnie Jordan of Dallas; T. J. Joseph of India; Paul and Jo Ann Kirkland of Garland; Alvin Kitchen, pastor in GA; Jerry Kral, pastor, Dallas; Joe Lambert of Dallas; Dale Lamberts of Holland, MI; Delores Lawson of Kansas; Tom Lawson of KS; Tony Leal of Corpus Christi; Betty Lockaby of Dallas; Anthony Lockaby of Dallas; Lucy Ann Fuller, faculty and staff; Stanley Blystone, faculty and staff (1926-2002) if same person ; Bill Folstadt, Faculty and staff, (1917-1997) if Willis; Robert Fox, faculty and staff; Marion Gaston, faculty and staff; O. P. Houts, faculty and staff; George Logan, faculty and staff; Sylvester Matthews, faculty and staff; Bill Paschal, faculty and staff; Donald Phillips, faculty and staff of Garland; Eric Rexroad, fculty and staff; Albert T. . Sandstrom, faculty and staff, Garland (1913-2000) if same person ; Sam Simmons, faculty and staff; Mr. and Mrs. Jess Duncan, faculty and staff, Garland; Mrs. Jimmy Dunn, faculty and staff, Garland; Mrs. Elvera Fox, faculty and staff, Garland; Mrs. Dorothy Gaston; faculty and staff, Garland; Mrs. Robert Holland, faculty and staff, Garland; Mrs. Larue (formerly) Landers; Mrs. Rachel Logan, faculty and staff , Garland; Mrs. Louise Oden, faculty and staff, Waco; Mrs. Carmen Paschal, Rockwall, if same person; Mrs. Jeannette Pellman, faculty and staff, Garland; Mrs. Gaynelle Pierce, faculty and staff, Garland. Carol Nightengale of Cordell, O; Virginia (Oden) Collier of Waco; Jimmy Oden, of Garland; Joe Patterson, Pastor, Silsbee if same Joe; Terry Pellman of Garland; Diana Penalver of Dallas; Jo Ann Phillips of Dallas; Don Quass of Indianapolis; Don Rackley, Pastor, IN; Harold Rackley of OK OK; Richard Rackley of Garland; James Russom of Garland; Ladonna Schmidt of Norwood, MO; Reba Simmons of Dallas; Jerry Slaggle of FW; Le Ann Smith of FW; Wallace Strawn, pastor, Fulton, MS (if same Wallace) ; Ron Taylor of Garland, TX; Melva Taylor of Garland; Rita Taylor of Holland, MI; Dr. Stephen Thomson, Ph D of Waco; Linda Thorstens of Broken Arrow, OK; Johnnie Turner of Dallas; Jim Van Hecke, insurance executive, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles; Sharon , former Van Hecke, of Garland; Earl Walker of Garland; Toni Williams of Shreveport; Sandra Witt of FW; Buddy Woolbright, Pastor of Garland; Jackie Wright of Rowlett; Anthony Zerbe of Garland. Please send us any information you want or do not want posted.

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Don Giddens of Greenville, TX said...

We were glad to hear from Dr. Simmons October 16, 2008: Dear Don: I was on the faculty of Garland Bible College in 1965-68. I taught Greek, New Testament and selected Bible books. I appreciated the opportunity and am this year in my 50th year of ministry. I was reliving some of those days when I decided to search for Garland Bible College. Blessings. Tommy Simmons, Dr. Thomas Simmons, North Hillsborough Baptist Church, Arcadia FL October 16, 2008 23:57:55 (GMT Time)

Posted December 30, 2008 09:48 AM | Reply to this comment

Don Giddens of Greenville TX don@geusnet.com said...

Thanks to Mrs. Pellman for her update! Grew up in Alabam, taught at Miller Road Christian School five years. After that I taught at Berachah Academy in Huntsville, Alabama thirteen years; at Thrifthaven in Memphis six years; and have been at Northside Christian School in Charleston, South Carolina for over seventeen years. December 25, 2008 01:15:29 (GMT Time) P. S. Unfortuanately, I have lost her e-mail address! Pls send it again, Mrs. Pellman.

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Don Giddens of Greenville, TX replied to Don Giddens of Greenville, TX...

Dr. Simmons' e-mail address is: parson34265@embarqmail.com

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