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Daily Bible Reading Plans Excel


Welcome to Daily Bible Readers. We hope to encourage one another to have a plan to read the Holy Bible through each year. Some like to read the Bible through slowly. For them we have a Walker's Plan- to read through the Bible once a year. Others might want to read through the Bible twice a year. For them we have the Jogger's Plan.

For those who would like to challenge themselves we have the Marathoner' Plan. They will read though the Old Testament ten times in a year and the New Testament twelve times or once a month. God bless us all as we seek wisdom, guidance and instruction DAILY from God's Holy Word. -Don Giddens, Greenville, TX.

Walkers' Plan

Joggers' Plan

Marathoners' Plan

Read through your Bible feverishly: the New Testament once a month, the Old Testament ten times a year.