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Replying to Brenda(brennie) kay Winters, who said...

The L_rd G_d of the Universe always and I mean always wins. When Jesus came here, he taught us how to pray. All anwsers to life's problems are in His Holy Word. And since All things belong to G_d already, just what can we give? Our hearts, souls, minds and might. We are given a pure soul at birth. We learn to difference between good and evil. To deny G_d's son is wrong. He said if we deny Him He will deny us before The Father. The evil one and his cohorts tries to get as many to go into Hades/the place of eternal torment. I know many people do not even believe in this place. No one has been able to become what Our creator wants us to be-except one. G_d is so holy if He came to you it would be like the Sun(a creation) coming to you. Who could withstand this? Prayer works. Pray for lost souls and pray good on persons and creatures please.

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